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Responsive website design, logo and branding | Design project updates.

new design projects

We’ve been extremely busy providing responsive website design and logo and branding design solutions to our clients and we would generally add the work to our portfolio section. Since the time to do that is scarce and we’re getting busier, we’ve put together this blog update. Have a look at some recently completed projects and do get in contact us if you’ve a logo, branding, graphic design, website design project - we’d be delighted to help!

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5 perfect content marketing ideas | develop highly shared website pages

digital marketing

Looking for some cool content marketing ideas for your website? Being in business often means you need marketing ideas you can action and implement to gain fast results. Your time is precious, and since Google updated it’s algorithms the best written content on your website is fundamental to making your website popular so you need to develop highly sharable content. Why not spend a little time to develop a content marketing plan?

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Blog Content Planner with 55 different blog post ideas!

Blog Content Planner

If you’re looking for a simple way to increase your conversions (without having to write new sales copy), then download this Blog Content Planner with 55 different blog post ideas. A great way to engage your website visitors is to attract them with newsworthy blogs that you can use to promote your company through your social media accounts as well as your other marketing touch points of course.

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The Power of LinkedIn. The Sophisticated Marketer Guide - FREE 58 Page Guide!

The Power of LinkedIn

This guide is a direct labor of love from those at LinkedIn. LinkedIn members comprise of the world’s largest professional community — and they work in every size company. Plus, all these professionals are highly receptive to relationship building. They demonstrate this in what they do while on the network. Time on LinkedIn isn’t simply spent. Time on LinkedIn is invested in professional development. And it’s reflected in the growing number of visits to and time spent on LinkedIn.

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How to brand your company - The 5 Step Brand Process Explained

Brand Strategy

In this video I explain the 5 step process that every business owner should follow to achieve maximum benefit when developing their brand strategy. Your brand, and it's development, is the single most important asset within your business and without clear and decisive brand strategies you simply will be competing far more on price rather than your customer choosing and trusting your company - your brand.

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