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Blog Content Planner with 55 different blog post ideas!

Blog Content Planner

If you’re looking for a simple way to increase your conversions (without having to write new sales copy), then download this Blog Content Planner with 55 different blog post ideas. A great way to engage your website visitors is to attract them with newsworthy blogs that you can use to promote your company through your social media accounts as well as your other marketing touch points of course.

So, start your stopwatch because you’re about to learn how to create a blog content plan in 60 seconds or less by filling in the blanks in this sentence…

On [DATE], [WRITER] will publish a [POST TYPE] using [VEHICLE] about [CATEGORY].

There are 5 elements you need to include in a blog content plan:

  • Publish Date
  • Writer
  • Post Type (How-To Post, List Post, etc)
  • Vehicle (text, video, audio, image)
  • Category (The broad topic of the post)

The key to a healthy blog is to mix up the POST TYPE, VEHICLE, CATEGORY and even the WRITER to create a rich and interesting collection of content.

Here’s an example for a blog in the fitness sector:

On 1/7/15, Jessica Rogers will publish a LIST POST using TEXT about WEIGHT TRAINING.

Once you’ve filled in the blanks in this sentence, transfer it to the Blog Content Planner spreadsheet.

> Click here to download the Blog Content Planner spreadsheet!

To learn more about the various POST TYPES available to you click the ‘POST TYPES’ tab in the Blog Content Planner spreadsheet.

60 Second Blog Plan

Inside you’ll find the explanation of 55 different types of blog posts you can use on your blog. You’ll never run out of blog post ideas again!

Some of our favourites are…

  • The FAQ and SAQ Post
  • The Crowdsourced Post
  • The Guard Down Post

The key to blog planning is to define the broad characteristics of your upcoming content (Publish Date, Writer, Post Type, Vehicle and Category) without getting bogged down with headlines, SEO, offers and outlines.

You can add columns to the Blog Content Planner like Headline, SEO Keyword and Call-To-Action (to specify the offer in your content) after you have developed your plan.

For now, stay focused on creating a basic plan.

Do yourself, your business and your blog a favour. Take 60 seconds and fill in the blanks in this sentence…

On [DATE], [WRITER] will publish a [TYPE] post using [VEHICLE] about [CATEGORY].

Transfer your sentences into the Blog Content Planner and… voilà… you’ve got a content plan.

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