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How to brand your company - The 5 Step Brand Process Explained

Brand Strategy

In this video I explain the 5 step process that every business owner should follow to achieve maximum benefit when developing their brand strategy. Your brand, and it's development, is the single most important asset within your business and without clear and decisive brand strategies you simply will be competing far more on price rather than your customer choosing and trusting your company - your brand.

Branding and your brand strategy is more than just making your business look pretty. Without following a defined process a designer is merely decorating and not communicating brand values, services, and above all defining marketing initiatives that should be rolled out in a controlled and measured way.

This is the process that all brand development design companies follow - of course you also need experience and creative nous - but follow this guide and you will be halfway to realising the possibilities that developing your brand can give you!

1. Conducting Research

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first, you must review whom your competitors are and whom you wish to do business with - you customer demographics. There's no point applying colours and shapes to your logo, or filling your website with content because you or a family member may like them or because you know of a company you wish to emulate. This is your company and your brand - understanding your market sector and where you will potion yourself is incredibly important to understand so that you show your company in the right tone of voice for your market!

You should also consider your vision mission and culture, your services and potential entry levels of your customers, what else can you sell to them once they are a customer - begin to research possible business strategies or if you know them how and when will your customer be exposed to their promotion?

2. Clarifying Strategy

So from your reasearch you understand your market, your potential customers and your services better - so how and when are you going to tell your audience about them. Strategising your brand works with your business plan as much as it will with your marketing plan. If you wish to gain more online business how are you advertising / promoting your company - so you have a service, an entry price, are you using social media and placing engaging content - does your website have engaging content, does it direct the user to your ideal call to action (CTA) such as a free demo or appraisal.

3. Designing Identity

Once we know demographic of customer and how we're to reach them, we can begin to design your companies identity - notice that this is number 3 on the list - it happens after Research and after Strategy, the reason quite simply is that if you don't complete these areas you're effectively flying blind. Maybe copying a competitor or leaving it in the hands of someone who will simply make it look nice. The thing is unless you invest some time in the 2 points above you are simply wasting your design investment. This may be hard to hear but unless you understand your market and you know your strategies you will not see the benefit of your marketing. You may even become dismayed with it - that it's not working for you.

4. Creating Touchpoints

Once we've designed your identity - and assets, assets are design elements you can use in your brochures and website, you can begin to create the Touchpoints identified in our point 2, Clarifying Strategy. There's lots of potential for your brand's touchpoints, here's a few examples:

• Direct Mail
• Social Networks
• Website
• Micro website
• Advertising
• Trade Shows
• Speeches
• Blogs
• Videos
• Emails
• Word of Mouth• Services
• Vehicles
• Signage
• Letterheads
• Brochures
• Digital Brochures
• Forms
• and the list goes on..

5. Managing Assets

Once your identity is designed and it's being rolled out across your new and / or exisiting touchpoints it's imperative that your assets are managed consistently. We refer to this as Brand Management or Managing Assets. Basically, your brand should be considered and applied consistently across all customer touchpoints, consistency breeds trust - trust that as a customer we're in the right place and talking to the right people. If your ambitious and you wish to be the best, without a brand strategy your communications will become lost amongst your competitors and you will be competing on price far more often. 

There are many other ways to increase your profit margins with a refined and well thought out brand strategy. By adopting these simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to having a more effective brand strategy!


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